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dIRC dictionary files

These dictionary files are for use by dIRC's spell checker. Before downloading any of these language files, please make sure that you have the most recent version of dIRC by checking the download page.

These files are provided by Polar Software.
US English:
spellEnglishUSA.zip (140 KB)

US English is included in the standard dIRC download.


British English: spellEnglishUK.zip (330 KB)
Czech: spellCzech.zip (235 KB)
German: spellGerman.zip (690 KB)
French: spellFrench.zip (250 KB)
Italian: spellItalian.zip (450 KB)
Polish: spellPolish.zip (600 KB)
Slovenian: spellSlovenian.zip (135 KB)
Spanish: spellSpanish.zip (500 KB)
Dutch: spellDutch.zip (416 KB)
Swedish: spellSwedish.zip (155 KB)
Danish: spellDanish.zip (507 KB)
Latin: spellLatin.zip (126 KB)

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