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dIRC Lists

Announcement List

Would you like to be notified by email when a new version of dIRC is released?  By entering your email you will be added to our low volume dIRC announcement list making you one of the first people to know about new versions of dIRC.  We will let you know about new features along with download links.  We also guarantee that your email address will only be used for dIRC announcements. 

dIRC announcement list
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You can be assured that we will never sell, give, or provide to any third party your email address.  This list is simply to keep you informed about dIRC related news.


This is a low volume list.  This means that you will only receive a message after dIRC releases or dIRC events several times each year.  This is not a discussion mail list.  You will only receive messages from us about dIRC.


To be removed from our lists, please visit our official mail center.