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Features include:

  • Connecting to multiple servers simultaneously
    There are many different IRC networks, and dIRC allows you to connect to many different servers simultaneously. You can talk with friends and share files on many networks within the same program window.
  • Spell Checking in multiple languages
    dIRC has inline spell checking and AutoCorrect just like popular programs such as Microsoft Word. dIRC currently supports spell checking in over 11 different languages!
  • Scripting in VBScript, Jscript, Perl, and Python
    dIRC allows you to write scripts in common, easy to learn languages.  You may already know how to script in dIRC without even trying it! dIRC also supports COM, ActiveX and DLLs through scripting in any of the supported languages. Power to the users!
  • Skinable user interface using HTML/DHTML/Java/CSS
    Using the power of the web, you can create beautiful skins for dIRC's windows.  You can make dIRC look pretty!
  • File transfers between users
    Sharing files is one of the key features of the internet, and with dIRC sharing files has never been easier. Simply click on a person's name and you can share files with them.
  • Many options to customize the behavior of the application
    Would you like an extra button on that popup menu?  Would you like to create your own menu?  With dIRC you can. You can assign standard operations or create scripts of your own that execute at the push of a button. All of the buttons and toolbars in dIRC can be customized simply by dragging them with the mouse. How simple is that?
  • Aliases allow you to create custom commands
    With dIRC, you can create custom commands that perform tasks automatically.
  • Events allow you to respond to remote actions with commands or scripts
    Want to say hello to everyone that joins your channel? Want to give an automatic reply when you are away from the keyboard? You can configure dIRC to respond to different types of events and perform actions automatically.
  • An ICQ-type notify list lets you know which of your friends are on IRC
    Do you have some friends that you always talk to? With dIRC's notify list, you will have an ICQ-type list with all your friends one click away!
  • A window manager organizes all your windows
    dIRC has a unique window manager that organizes all your windows into a easily navigable tree. Never go searching for the channel you want again, it is only one click away.
  • MS Agent
    With dIRC's powerful scripting abilities, you can take complete control of the Microsoft Agent characters. They can speak the text messages that you receive or tell you when something happens.
  • Support for all standard IRC commands
    dIRC is fully compliant with the IRC standards. You can talk to people with any client on any IRC server.
  • The source code is publicly available
    Would you like to see how dIRC works?  Do you think you can make dIRC better? Now you can!