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People are talking about dIRC. Here is what they have to say!

Dave from davecentral.com : "With the user-friendly services of dIRC, you can connect to the worldwide party line with a minimum of effort."

Alodar : "Any irc client that supports perl must be cool."

Limi :  "dIRC wipes the floor with any windows IRC client."

blinky : "dIRC is the best thing since sliced bread I love how customizable it is.....plus the window manager is a great help"

kewlet :  "It made mIrc high in cholesterol... if ya know what i mean" [We're not quite sure what he means, but we think it's good...]

r0ute :  "Really stable, good looking and has many features as well... keep up the good work."

phearbear :  "mmm i'm just started to dislike having 4 mIRC copies at the same time dIRC rules ;)"

shubjero :  "Pretty crazy new IRC client. I really like the W2K look. Check it out, very functional."

Asmo :  "... finally another choice for a IRC client."

ankur : "its a good client. but i could swear Microsoft made it."