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dIRC FAQ v0.3 (May. 5, 2001)
dIRC Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is maintained by Algenta Technologies. The FAQ may be freely distributed in its entirety as long as it is not modified in any way. This FAQ will be updated as the need arises, and will be located at: http://www.dIRCchat.com/about.faq.php.
Additions to this FAQ can be sent to FAQ@dIRCchat.com.
dIRC FAQ 2001 Dragonmount Networks.

Table of Contents


I. Preface

1. What is dIRC?
dIRC is an easy to learn IRC chat program that enables you to converse with people from around the world.

Features including:

  • Spell Checking in multiple languages
  • Scripting in vbscript, jscript, perl, and python
  • Connecting to multiple servers simultaneously
  • Skinnable user interface using HTML/DHTML/java/CSS
  • File transfers between users
  • User manager
  • Many options to customize the behavior of the application
  • Aliases allow you to create custom commands
  • Events allow you to respond to remote actions with commands or scripts
  • An icq type notify list lets you know which of your friends are on IRC
  • A window manager organizes all your windows and file transfers by server
  • MS Agent support
  • support for all standard IRC commands
  • The source code is publicly available!

2. Where to download dIRC?
The latest version of dIRC can always be found on www.dIRCchat.com on the download page.


1. When will the next version of dIRC be released?
New versions are released as development progresses.  The development team takes time to add features and improve performance.  No specific dates will be given for future releases, but you can always find the current version on the main dIRC page at www.dIRCchat.com.

2. How can I join the beta test team?
While beta versions of dIRC are usually available to the general public, development versions are limited to a select number of people.  This enables us to have a dedicated group of people who can quickly diagnose problems and send back informative information.  It also allows you to see the very latest in dIRC development.  The best way to become a member of this team is by getting to know the developers by joining #dIRC on irc.undernet.org and conversing with us, and by submitting bug reports.

3. What are the basic system requirements?
The current version of dIRC requires a machine running Windows95/98/ME or WindowsNT.  dIRC also currently requires Internet Explorer 4.0+.

4. How can I send files using DCC?
You can right click on a nickname on the nick list or notify list, select dcc, and then select send.  That will bring up the file select dialog.  Select the file to send and your file transfer begins.

5. Is there a mailing list for dIRC?
Yes, you can sign up for the dIRC mailing list on the dIRC announcement page.

6. What scripts are available for dIRC?
There are many scripts available for dIRC.  The largest collection is located at scripts.dircchat.com.  There are also tutorials located there to help people create scripts of their own.

7. Why does my ident not work?
Ident provides a means to determine the identity of a user of a particular TCP connection in most unix environments.  Since windows does not have a built in ident server, there is one included in dIRC. 

The IRC server tries to connect to dIRC's ident server on your computer using TCP port 113.  If you are behind a firewall, or in a NAT/ip_masq environment, the IRC server will not be able to connect to your computer and access dIRC's ident server.  You can ask your network administrator to either provide 'fake' ident support, or to forward ident requests to your computer.

8.  How can I report bugs that I find in dIRC?
You can enter your specific bug reports into dIRC's bug tracking system in two ways.  

  1. From dIRC
    You can submit the bug report from inside dIRC by clicking on Help->Technical Support.  This is the quickest way to submit a bug and the most accurate, since dIRC automatically determines the versions of components on your computer such as OS version, Common Control version, Internet Explorer version, and the version of dIRC you are running.
  2. From the website
    You can submit a bug report manually on the dBug web site.  Simply enter your bug report into the form along with the information about the components installed on your computer.