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dIRC Awards


dIRC is featured on Tucows Kickoff
dIRC 2.2 was featured on Tucows kickoff today.  "
dIRC is a great way to chat across the Internet and it's loaded with options! Give it a try!(Sept 28, 2000)



dIRC has earned ZDNet's highest rating
dIRC has been awarded a five star, yes five star, rating from ZDNet!  ZDNet says "Find chat servers and channels faster!"  Try dIRC today! 
(March 6, 2000)
ZDNet Downloads ZDNet 5 stars


dIRC was Dave's Pick
dIRC was Dave's Pick today on DaveCentral.com.  "With the user-friendly services of dIRC, you can connect to the worldwide party line with a minimum of effort.
(April 4, 2000)


dIRC is featured in LAUNCH
dIRC was included on RocketDownload's E-Letter LAUNCH!  Congratulations to the dIRC development team! 
(March 16, 2000)


dIRC gets 5 smiles - highest rating
dIRC has been awarded a five smile rating from Rocketdownload.com!  The best again! 
(March 13, 2000)


dIRC has a 98% rating from fileclicks
dIRC has been given a 98% rating!  This is the highest rating we were able to find on the entire fileclicks site! 
(February 29, 2000)
RATING: 98% (Yeah Baby, THE BEST!)