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What is dIRC?

dIRC is a easy to use, highly configurable IRC chat program for windows.  It allows you to talk to your friends all over the world, meet new people, and exchange files and ideas. dIRC sports a user-friendly interface that makes navigating the world of IRC easy!

With dIRC, you can easily connect to any of the numerous IRC chat networks and talk with millions of users throughout the world.

dIRC includes a modern, fully customizable user interface reminiscent of Office 2000. dIRC can connect to multiple IRC servers, with channels and private chats conveniently organized in the Window Manager.

dIRC comes packed with many of the same options found in other IRC clients, as well as several unique features including spell check and AutoCorrect, the ability to completely customize all message types, and HTML skinning functionality to customize each window's appearance.

Advanced IRC users will appreciate dIRC's powerful scripting capabilities. Functionality can be added to dIRC using the VBScript, JScript, Perl and Python languages.

Why choose dIRC?

There are many IRC chat programs for windows, such as mIRC, PIRCH, and ViRC. dIRC is unique in that it allows for great customization and powerful scripting along side its ease of use. Of course, you should use the client that suits your needs best. We hope that dIRC is that client.